About Loliv

Loliv – immersive experiences and craft skills to discover the real Southern Italy, starting from Puglia

We organise culinary and artistic experiences with local craftsmen, during which visitors are inspired by artisans’ stories and literally touch their crafts.

We target curious and conscientious visitors, eager to discover the authentic character of the places they visit and to support the local economy and traditions.

Thus, while visitors model clay at the potter’s wheel and make mozzarella, they gain a real insight into local lives and traditions.

Immerse yourself in the life of local artisans and remain fascinated by their world!

Our artisans

Loliv’s experiences are only with real craftsmen and craftswomen, in the sense that their main activity is production not tourism. They resist mass logic by creating unique, high-quality products, and they uphold traditions without forgetting the importance of research and innovation.

Our artisans are different because of the passion they put into their craft – they have made a personal and professional choice driven by a vocation that sometimes involves sacrifice. They are a true source of inspiration for those who get to meet them!

It is the artisans who guarantee the authenticity of our experiences.We co-design the experiences directly with them to ensure the highest quality.

Introducing you:

Make your trip memorable with a Loliv experience. Discover the authentic character of Southern Italy.


Loliv promotes responsible tourism, aimed at encouragingauthentic encounters between people and enhancing theuniqueness of local artisanship.

We believe, in fact, that tourism can contribute to preserving the cultural identity of territories, supporting communities and enhancing their traditions.

Through encounters with local artisans and through skilful craftsmanship, we propose memorable experiences that let visitors rediscover tactile memory, express the uniqueness of the territory and make us find our common origins.

Do you know why we are called as we are?

Our Mission is to let you immerse yourself in the lives of local people – or "experience local lives“. The name Loliv comes from the initials of LOcal LIVes. Moreover, Loliv is a tribute to our origins due to the assonance with the word “olive, the fruit of the tree that symbolises Apulia – where Loliv was founded.



We want to present reality in its complexity.


Human relationships are our most valuable asset.


We operate with respect for others and value diversity in all its forms.

Sustainable development

We are driven by the desire to have a positive impact on people and territory.


We are open to innovation and dynamic in the way we operate.

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