Give the gift of an unforgettable time with an artisan craftsman

Loliv experiences make you discover an authentic and uncharted Puglia, by meeting real artisans and experiencing their crafts first-hand. With a Loliv Gift Voucher, you create memories that last forever.


Who receives the voucher decides when to use it


All voucher are redeemable for any experience


Voucher valid for 12 months

Offer an experience

  1. Find the perfect experience by choosing between Food and Art categories
  2. Visit the page of the experience and click on the "Give this experience as a gift" button
  3. Complete the purchase and receive your personalised voucher

Wrong gift? Who receives it can convert it into a voucher valid for any experience, on the date of their choice!

Offer a gift card

Not sure which experience to offer? Simply choose the amount! Who receives the gift card chooses the perfect experience on the date of their choice.

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Why give an experience as a gift?

Offering an experience allows you to gift a unique and unforgettable memory of a thrilling moment.

Experiences create emotions and deep bonds between people. Even just the planning and anticipation of an experience can be exciting and engaging.

Experiences also provide opportunities to learn, grow and challenge oneself in different ways, contributing to personal growth.

Finally, from an environmental point of view, an experience is a more sustainable gift, as it does not require the production of new items, and is the perfect gift for those who already have everything.

Do you know the tastes of the person you want to give the voucher to? Surprise them by offering the perfect experience for them! You will show attention and consideration for their interests, distinguishing yourself as a creative and caring person.

You don't know the tastes of the person you are giving the gift to? The gift card is the ideal solution for you! You don't have to choose a specific experience, but you still have the certainty of distinguishing yourself by offering a special moment that will become an everlasting memory for the person receiving it.

In both cases, the recipient of the gift voucher or card will have 12 months to enjoy the experience of their choice. In fact, even vouchers for a specific experience can be redeemed free of charge for vouchers to book any Loliv experience.

To buy a Voucher for a specific experience:

  1. Browse through the numerous Loliv experiences and find the perfect one for the person you want to give it to, whether it is an Art or Food experience.
  2. Go to the page of the chosen experience and click on the "Give this experience as a gift" button.
  3. Select the number of people who will live the experience to choose the value of the gift voucher and complete the purchase.
  4. Receive your personalised voucher to be handed over to the recipient.

To buy a Gift card:

  1. Click on the "Purchase a gift card" button above.
  2. Choose the amount you want to give as a gift and complete the purchase procedure.
  3. Receive your personalised voucher to be handed over to the recipient.

Yes. On the checkout page, please fill in the fields "Recipient's name", "Personal message" and "Signature". We will use this information to personalise the voucher, which we will send to you in digital PDF format within 24 hours of your purchase.

As soon as you purchase the gift voucher, you receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours, we send you a second email with an attached personalised gift voucher in digital PDF format, which you can give to the recipient.

The gift voucher will include your personal message to the recipient, instructions for its use and the discount code to redeem the voucher when booking.

Regardless of whether it is a Voucher for a specific experience or a Gift card, it can be used to book any experience as many times as desired until its full value is fully spent.

To redeem a gift voucher, the recipient will need to simply select an experience, proceed to the check-out page and enter the unique gift code in the "Do you have a code?" box.

The system will automatically discount the value of the experience and allow the user to confirm the booking without requiring any payment (except for any difference if the total exceeds the remaining value of the gift voucher).

The gift voucher will contain all the instructions for its use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The voucher is valid for 12 months. It can be used as many times as desired until its value is used up.

Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase other gift vouchers and are not redeemable for cash. They are also non-transferable and cannot be sold or transferred to third parties without Loliv's permission.

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