Video | Why choose a Loliv experience

Diving into the life of an artisan like Antonio, a potter and master ceramist in Grottaglie, means discovering the secrets of a reality that is becoming increasingly distant from our connected and digital lives.

Entering an artisan workshop like Antonio's means observing, smelling, listening and touching a craft of past times, thus being able to appreciate all the knowledge behind ancient techniques and manual skills.

Personally getting to know an artisan like Antonio means feeling amazed and inspired by the enormous passion and determination – a true vocation – that drives the choice to carry on a craft that stems from tradition.

Finally, living a Loliv experience means supporting the world of craftsmanship, giving value to the traditional trades, allowing artisans like Antonio to keep ancient knowledge alive and perhaps - why not - encouraging new young people to take up the path of craftsmanship.

We owe special thanks to Lert Theuma, a renowned filmmaker from Malta and the author of this film.

Lert booked our pottery experience in Grottaglie last September. While participating in the experience Lert was so impressed by how Loliv puts into practice his mission to support local artisans, that with great enthusiasm he took out his equipment, shot professional footage and gifted us this wonderful video. ❤️


Play Video about Screenshot del video che racconta la storia di Antonio, maestro ceramista, che offre esperienze con Loliv

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